David Wright

You deserve to rot in hell like a Cracked, rotten forgotten egg in the middle Of a field on a scorching hotTexas summer day.My mother, my caretaker, the woman (figure out a transition) That has made mistakes, trustedYou with her freedomMr wright or should I even Use that formality for suchScum as you areYou took a sledgehammer and jackknifed Her porcelain rib cageSlapped the poisonous ironAgainst her once ivory wristsCaged in a metal box thatIs meant for murderers, rapists and psychopaths Not a woman that made a mistake A few years ago. Picking up the foreign substance and using it as an escapeFrom reality. A mistake. My father once told me that it’s not Good to hate someoneBut I promise I hate you with every Drop of red blood pumpingThrough my broken heart. I'm having to face the worldWithout a mother because youDecided that you were going to sip A margarita on the beach insteadOf showing up and representing my mother.You deserve to be tortured in the most cruelest Ways. Take your worst nightmare and intensify it by a tenfold And that’s what I wish upon you. No mercy for the man that hasStripped me of my life.Instead of showing up and representing my motherInstead of answering your phone callsInstead of doing your jobYou kicked back like King George in the Revolution Sopping up all the benefits while not actually putting anything into it.One day I hope karma does a fullCircle and slaps you across your faceCausing you to open those greedy gold eyes of yours.   

This poem is about: 
My family


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