Darling, A Diary

Crack the code of my spine

And read between the lines

From pages of the diary that’s written in my eyes


Invisible ink in my skin

Marks the flesh that seals me in

It ties and binds, ties and binds


Darling, a diary

From me to you (from me to you)

My love in letters, with all the mystery of rhyme


So plainly I hide

Clever phrases

Dog-eared pages

A story that I write anew every night


Every secret I keep

Is hidden in my sighs

All the words from my lips

Each its own plot-twist


It’s hard to be close

When I'm so closed

A riddle to solve

The difference between giving up and getting lost

I just don’t know where I'm going,

Or when I went


Darling, my diary

My love in letters

With all the mystery of rhyme

The diary written in my eyes

Invisible ink in my skin

So plainly I hide

My words in plot-twists

A riddle that I can’t solve

A story that I re-write every night

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