That Darkness is Depression


There is this Darkness that loves to entrap me every single night...

No sleep.

I feel nocturnal.

It always starts off when i lay down in my bed.

Starts at my feet. So i get up and sit down in the middle of my room on the floor...

Then it consumes my ankles.

And it continues its way up covering every inch of my body till there is nothing left to cover.

And i think that i would panic if i wasnt so used to it.

But i am.

The feeling is so


But i dont understand why No one sees it.

Why no one breaks it? 

Let me free.

The feeling is sickening.

And i feel like im drowning and whats the point of screaming if no one can hear?

Well i scream for my special ONE. Her.

 but is she listening? I dont think so

...and my body starts to shake once again...

Y ahora comienca otra vez



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