The Dance of Earth and Sky

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 02:34 -- pig117

Sky is barren

Earth desolate

both lonely and windswept

until they assent

to replenish and nourish themselves.

They dance gracefully through  their labor.


Sky grabs his brush,

splashing the blank day with azure blue

blazing sun, downy clouds

painting the empty night with deep violets and sapphires

luminous moon, twinkling stars.


Grass sprouts over dirt and dust

oceans cuddle into hollowed ground,

sparkling, glistening.

Earth takes her pencil,

colors her meadows wheaten gold,

shades her seas prussian blue.

Life opens their eyes

born from their slumber long awaiting

awakened to see magnificence.


Earth descends into Sky's arms,

trees soaking up the sun.

She sighs,

gentle breezes nudging clouds.

He stretches,

moon pulling ocean waves.


They are together as one

She couldn't be Herself with Him

He couldn't be Himself without Her.

Earth and Sky

dancing through the trees and stars,

graceful as the wind,

together as one.




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