Like Daedalus, I Rise

{Who Am I?}


strewn across the floor are words.

i sweep them away with my foot.

they’ve never bothered me before

(so why now? i ponder,

but i’m half out of my mind.)


they match the scars

left across my cheeks,

nose red like i had been

nipped by the chilly air.


(you’re a tranny, you’re a--)


i fit


j     g     a

  i     s     w


pieces back where


t(h)e(y) b(e)l(o)n(g)


because i know what it’s like when you don’t.


(to love or to hate, that’s the question.)


in a crowd of nameless faces i am

a faceless name,

wearing one mask today and another

tomorrow, vying for my own award.


[a master chameleon]


i’m at both sides of the barrel,

waiting for the trigger will be pulled,

wondering why i can’t pull it,







what it’s like to be despised

and loathed and hated by everyone

and by no one.


[i am my biggest enemy]


in the face of adversity

i repair my waxen wings

and try again, praying the

sea won’t take me, grateful

for the blanket of clouds that

protect me.


(gay, trans, anxious, depressed,

unstable, faggot, crazy, queer --

what difference does it make anymore?)


(don’t love yourself) -- that’s all i’ve ever heard --

but one day








and i will love others.

i ask myself


{Who Am I?}


and i respond


that i am growing

i am learning

i am understanding

how to respect, how to feel,

how to laugh again,

how to touch, how to cry,

and as much as

i don’t know what i am

i do know



{I Am Alive}

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