"Daddy's Little Girl"

As the years go by

She grows with the changes of life

Her simple worries and fears

Turning into grave strife


No longer a little girl

Believing in fairytales they would tell

Stuck in her mind

A permanent prison cell


Look at her “Daddy’s little girl”

Another year without him around

Desperate and searching

His love never to be found


Empty words

No hugs or kisses

He was never there

For those silly birthday wishes


As time ticks by

No one understands

How much it hurts

To never hold your father’s hand.


Day after day she struggles

Who will give her love when her own father wont

Why does she have to live with this?

After all, the other girls don’t.


She acts like its normal

It’s no big deal

Just smile and say what everyone wants to hear

It doesn’t really matter how she actually feels


After all it’s her own fault

To think he actually loved her was so juvenile

It’s time to start accepting

She’ll never have a dad to walk her down the aisle


He was once her hero

Her knight in shining armor

But as the years go on

The distance between them grows farther


That romantic story of daddy and daughter

Will never be true

Its time she accepts

There won’t be any “I love you”


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