Daddy's Cloak

Wed, 12/31/2014 - 00:42 -- ma8295


Daddy dearest, I hide behind your cloak and giggle as we play. You teach me to swim, to hunt, to ride, and to be far more than just any girl.

Daddy dearest, why are you sad? You swim in small circles around my head and your feet plant themselves firmly in my dreams.

Daddy dearest, why are you dying? All those years of fun and excitement were too much for your shell heart to bear.

Daddy dearest, they took the cloak away. The sun hurts my eyes and tears brim.

Daddy dearest, what are these bruises that decorate sister and mother’s arms like blooming purple flowers? So many bottles decorate the floor; I think I will make a wind chime out of them. Something unsuspecting that you left for me to make something beautiful with right?

Daddy dearest, the air hurts me. It feels too pure for my lungs that have lived a world of smoke.

Daddy dearest, the words aren’t true. You were my shelter that kept me warm at night and told me stories.

Daddy dearest, our house was burnt down leaving only the monsters that I thought were nestled safely away. The monsters that you kept away to keep me safe. Now I see. I see in the ashes of our house.

Daddy dearest, you were the monster all along.


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