You should be my hero,

My personal Superman.

Always there to hold my hand.


You should take me fishing,

Teach me about boys.

And show me how to fight.


I should be your princess,

Spoiled and loved,

You should be my king.


You should sing me happy birthday,

and check for scary monsters

when you tuck me into bed.


You should tell me you love me

And carry me on your shoulders,

Me giggling all the way.


You should have kissed my boo boos

Sang me silly songs

And tried to fix my hair.


A daddy should love his little girl

Shower her in compliments

And never let her go.


Soon I’ll be eighteen

 But you will never know

How I feel or how I’ve grown.


You don’t know my favorite color,

Or my dreams

And yet I love you so.


But some day I hope

That you’ll wake up and see

All the wonderful memories that you should’ve shared with me.






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