Cycles of thoughts, words, and actions

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 13:10 -- Fishie


Thoughts provoke

Thoughts previal

Thoughts hope

Thoughts fail

Thoughts create

Thoughts maim


Words are painful

Words are kind

Words transform

Words divine

Words destroy

Words build

Words enable

Words disable

Words add

Words take

Words kill

Words heal

Words love

Words hate


Actions hurt

Actions speak

Actions heal

Actions kill

Actions teach

Actions make

Actions are

Actions bar


Thoughts become words

Words become actions

Actions create thoughts

And they circle on

No one knows them


I am flawless

That's what I am

That's who I'll be

But words and actions plant

Those horrid thoughts in my head

Telling me the opposite

Are they right?

Are they true?

It's not for me but for you

To tell them to stop

I am flawless...

Or am I?

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