the cuts

When you cut,

The skin around it puffs, red like wine,

The blood comes up, in a perfect dotted line,

It gives you the tingles and burns at first,

But then it feels good, only that’s the worst,

Your body is in pain, but your soul is at ease,

It feels so good, making your mind ask for “just one more please”,

One turns to two, two turns to four, four turns to ten,

Making you think, when will my mind and soul make amends,

At this point you just keep cutting more and more,

Now your arms are getting sore,

There’s no stopping yourself from the warmness flowing through,

Everyone else is happy, so why can’t you be too?

The blood starts to drip, and roll down your skin,

And slowly a smile appears on your face, it comes from within,

Now you know what happens when you cut.


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Our world




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