Curvy Geek

I am curvy and nerdy 

Self-esteem a little sturdy

Hmm.. can 't even count how many times I've been told I have a body that people pay for 

But how is that supposed to make me feel good, when those people are always shamed for

I love my oversized '90s styles, and I love my fitted crop tees

 And even though I try to balance my mas and fem side, my hips are what people oversee

At times I don't know if people are attracted to my face or my body 

I mean.. just think of me as that cool as hell girl named Bobbi

Instead, I'd rather be acknowledged for my intelligence and not for my curvy physique

And realize, that just cause I got curves don't mean I'm no geek

This poem is about: 



Honestly don't know if other people will like the poem. But it's personal and I thought it was pretty good. Thank you.

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