The Curtain

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 04:35 -- Kitana



There is this curtain that covers me

Draped over my person in a way most convincing

Counterfeit interactions seeming to be truth through some lying cloth

While the girl in the shadow watches her puppet with horror in her eyes


But how are you to know?

The curtain is all that you see


My curtain is strong,  woven from Kevlar thread

She is invincible to anything the world can throw her way

No disaster can harm her, no trauma can wear her thin

My curtain is exuberant, with a colorful pattern 

She is motivated and excited for her future

No heartbreak touches her smile, no misfortune dampens her lively spirit

My curtain is an old friend, a facade I once relied on

And she is full of lies


But how are you to know?

The curtain is all you see


Behind the curtain things are different

That is where I store the real me, in a dusty corner

Hidden with the things I had hoped to forget

As the curtain takes the lead and my body does its bidding


I want you to know

The curtain is not me


The puppeteer is weak, made of bad memories and sour emotions

The wrong doings pushed her into a dark place where expectations threatened to drown her

Trust is returning to her heart, but at a cautious pace

The puppeteer is pessimistic, tattered strings serving as her remaining hope

Appeasing others left her tired, feigned smiles left her down

Now she tries to be happy for herself, even when others try to bring her down

The puppeteer no longer relies on the curtain

And she is the truth 


I want you to know

The curtain is not me

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