Crowning of the War King

I was standing in a river gently flowing, the fish were nibbling my toes right below me.  The breeze on my face was so soothing, it felt as if I had nothing worth proving.  The singing of birds was music to my ears, draining my sorrow and relinquishing my fears.  Tranquility ruled over all in this world, no hunger or anger, not even hate anymore.

Then the river overflowed and the water ran red, dyed that color from the blood of the dead.  All Hell broke loose when the new king had been crowned, the towns people screamed and the children all drowned.  The breeze no longer soothed but pierced through my skin, as word of the War King was carried through the wind.

The musical songs turned to painful crying, as the few that survived mourned their dying.  There was no more love in this world, only hate.  No more peace in this life, just a dreadful fate.



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