Crested Moss Road Notebook


United States
29° 27' 34.452" N, 98° 29' 42.8028" W

Our bodies the same, alien to us both.
Their neatly planted garden I trampled with my feet.
She locked me in a closet, the bitch.
Fat black cat, emerald eyes that burned through my window.
Dogs wailed as the sunlight waned.
Thick orange-red bathing my room in suffocation.
Brown wood, red blood.
Two shots, new carpet, house for sale.
I sat on a driveway, Bonnie, as you died.
Your body nourished the dying tree.
We waited for your fragile blue treasures each spring.
Great multitudes of color and flame stop my horizon.
Always the mountains to condense my world.
A billion nameless lights stripped me of stature.
Our innocence passed with your consciousness.
Truth a prisoner behind our touching lips.
Impenetrable fortress of yucca swords.
Rabbit offspring, deceased Rose.
Blind, I would know the rocks beneath my feet.
Giant beasts roam, unnoticed to the locals.
Little skeletons beneath our wildflowers.
Desert air purged heavy sorrow from our lungs.

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I absolutely loved all of your imagery. It made me feel like I was there. I wish there was a little more description so I can truly understand what you were talking about, but otherwise I trully enjoyed reading your piece.


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