Creatures Of My Mind

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 18:18 -- Elka

The air is thick, stifling

My heart sinking

Stagnating, then exploding

Filling my mind with a million senseless thoughts

Somewhere amidst the chaos

The person inside me becomes lost

Leaving a gap where the self should be

The pressure builds

But there’s nowhere it can go

Without leaving destruction in its wake


I have seen fields left desolate by starving creatures consuming mouthfuls

While the void expands and overflows, but remains empty

I have seen children huddle in corners while the shrieking shatters wolds

But doesn't quiet

I have seen cities razed to the ground by demons let loose

They are parasites

Sucking blood from those they torment


Buts still the pain is so deep and it needs somewhere to go


You speak to me

While I stare back muted

I have no words to say

I'm stuck inside

You bang and shout and plead

And beg the guards to let you in

But the door remains locked, the shutters closed

Is somebody home?!

You yell despairing

And your voice bounces from the walls

Is somebody home home home. . .

As you begin to walk away

I just want to hold you close

Because the walls stand tall


And I just want to let you in


The world brightens

Sun shines, my eyes open

I see you running a parallel path

Separated by a roaring river

I see your lips moving

But I cannot hear you speak

We dance and sing and laugh and live

Both alone

Open and embracing

Yet separate


And I just want to share your world


Words are the substance of my thoughts

The language we share

The binding that connects worlds

I give myself to you

As I turn demons into angels

Arranged neatly black on a blank white sheet


I so much hope you can understand


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