The Creative Doubt (Freeverse)

An idle idea. 

That's how it starts anyway. 

The days turn to weeks, 

the weeks may turn to a month or two. 

Before you take notice what  you didn't even intend on taking seriously,  

has consumed all thoughts and actions. 

After all that time working on it you finally get to look at it. 

You want to destroy it. 

You're utterly embarrassed by it. 

Because you thought it was good and were proud of it. 

Because you thought people would want to see it. 

A piece of art crafted by you, with a small part of your soul contained in it. 

All of your talent and work, 

Yet the holes and cracks are all you see. 

Deleting is not the answer. 

Erasing it out of existence. 

Imagine what brilliant works could have been lost to all generations. 

That Catcher in the Rye was smut to the common man. 

Grapes of Wrath was seen as pure propaganda. 

Don't erase that drawling. 

Don’t delete that poem. 

Show it off to the world. 

And if the world doesn't love it like you would expect. 

The next world will. 



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