cover up and how it ruins us


yeah, teach, i’m aware i have glasses. i’m

also aware of what they mean to you – quiet,

shy, high honor roll. it’s not because i can’t see

three feet in front of me that i’m in the

first row.


right now i’m failing three classes – yes, three,

including yours. you told me i would understand

it eventually ‘cause i’m smart. well, two progress

reports later i stil don’t understand how to

graph that vertex.


let this be a lesson on ‘looks can be deceiving’ –

the football player in the back, right corner,

doesn’t need to be babied. he gets it. and the

girl you threatened to throw out (twice)

this year isn’t going to include you in her


nobel prize speech, i promise. i would know,

she’s a good friend of mine. but the boy who

smokes pot every night, isn’t going to make

it to the third year of college. we call


him a druggie; you call him valedictorian.


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