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Without sight or scent;
Formless; Lacking frame
You none would dare reject
But neither could they claim.
Elusive as thief in night
As slips through fingers does sand
So you are having taken flight
To we who are merely but man.


Losing entity yet unnamed
Many move to her next of kin.
Unlike sister, she is famed
As the attainable twin.
She one could know; could touch
So long one strive and strain.
Available, yes, much;
Trying to maintain.


When found lost are they;
Settle for the least?
She seduces most to stay
They know not she is a beast.
She tolerates man,
but love is not her game.
To cause one’s fall she will, she can.
Destroy before one breathe her name.


Forsake foolish pursuit, I pray.
Abandon their ‘love’; they give none.
Shine, they might seem, like day.
But fail; they will you shun.
They are all a flower vase;
Have fluid to give one breath.
‘Tis but a pretty face
For drink laced with death.


“Trust thyself” does still ring true.
Paramount to this, love too.
Without self they matter not.
“Accept oneself” should be sought.


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