Cornered by the Monster

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 16:30 -- nosilla

I sit in a room

A dark and cold room

A lifeless,


dank room


In the corner I sit

I sit and wait

I wait for hours

From days to week


I hug myself for warmth

I shiver from the cold

The ground of cement

And walls of steel

I shiver and cry


I wait for a savior

To come to my side

To pick me up

And wipe my tears dry


To give me a kiss

And fill me with love

To make my dark soul

Make it white like a dove


He'll take me away

Away from the dark

Away from the pain

He will take me out

And show me the world


I can see it now

The colorful world

All the reds and the blues

Greens, purples, and pinks

He'll take me far n wide

And show me the wonders


He'll also show me the bad

The blacks and the grays

And what he'll show me

Is that my pain is nothing

That it does not compare

To the world that is suffering


He will tell me not to worry

And beg me not to cry

Says think of the good things

And keep my head high


Before he tells me more

Of the things he knows

I hear a loud BANG!

It brings me back to the cold


Back to reality

Back to the corner

With the cement floors

And steel corridors


The bang comes from outside

The door opens with ease

The light shines through

It makes the crack wider

And in steps the monster


He's big and brood

And takes up space

Has big sharp teeth

And an ugly face


His legs are long

And arms are lanky

His nails are sharp

And toes are stanky


He has a hunch

At the top of his back

He walks with a limp

And leaves a wide track


His nails find the wall

And the noise is so loud

I cover my ears

And wait till it stops


He gets to my corner

Where I shiver and cry

What he tells me next

Is that I'm going to die


The monsters are real

Your nightmares are too

But you don't understand

Its all just inside you


You tell yourself

That he will come

And show you the wonders

And the colors of the sun


But the longer you wait

You savior doesn't show

And all you see is dark

And the monsters eyes that glow


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