I was twiddling a penny between my fingers, 

My mind lost as I stared at the copper coin.

"Do you think of him now?"

I let the penny drop to the wooden floor rattling before coming to a still.  

I didn’t say anything.  

'I forgot his name.'

"Are you scared?"

I fixated my gaze on the coin,

Not spent since 1992.

Now I wanted to leave it on the floor.

Forget the coin my mother kept.


'I don't want to remember.'




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

oh wow

sounds very painful as i read it

thank you for sharing this poem

it speaks in high volumes-well done and said

keep writing jeanette

Chelsea Jeannette

Thank you so much. It means alot to hear someone react to my writing. 


Whoa!!! I like how you symbolize the penny as your ex-boyfriend or past relationship. Very deep and sad. Keep your head up though. God will replace what you lost with someone who best fits your heart. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!! 

Chelsea Jeannette

Wow, thank you!  You're really lovely. All my poems are up for interpretation. Thanks for the feedback!  



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