Consider Us

Consider the fog that settles beneath me The underneaths of the narrow bridges

They trap the mist around my skin The breeze cools me as it feathers throughout the air


One morning the rain follows me Sporadic sheets fall like delicate pine needles

or rather the bellowing wind pushing the hairs of my arms consider, then, the goosebumps that rise like waves


Against the surface of my many layers I push against the elements, the flecks of bitter water

Similar to that day the morning haze bothered My skin through the cracked windows


For years now, it's all I have felt The way my stomach stretched when I carried my child

The way we touched the first day with an oozing passion it's how we've came to be still to this day


like a foul suckling its mother or a temper that heats me I feel it all, every ounce of the outside of me

Or, yes, it was like the way I fell backwards into The heaping piles of hay as the horses around me roamed freely


My left arm spread out absorbing the prickles, The tan glint of my skin tampering with the yellow glow

Of the sun on our farm in the middle of our universe We find our ways to work around our shedding bodies


Trapped once again but in a place we want A place we need

Together, for once, humid country Winds that guide us along, skin that breathes in the dawn

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Our world
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