Confession To My Owner



What’s the point of listening when you don’t understand a word I say. You only sit there and watch my mouth move like a silent movie on the dock. Say something to me, I playing something for you but all you see is me and nothing else but a tree. You sit and listen but words never sprout. I know you are not deaf and yet you are calm. I later watch you chat to your friends and sometimes you pull me out and show them something on the internet. I’m not an object for show and tell. I’m your life in a tiny box or pockets as I can tell. I keep you calm, talk to you, show you things, let you write on my face. But I never get a thank you or a simple hello from the lips that lick my face and cleans me. Spearmint please!

LOL is the thing you type on me. You post all your memories and write down the things that express you in me. Wish we could marry but we’re two different beings. You or your friends have broken me. “Accidentally” threw me down and chewed me. I’m not a toy, I do have feelings. Just simply touch me and caress me. Let me calm you with my technology. I can be your only friend that doesn’t hurt your feelings. I can be your upgrade in your life when your ready. All you have to do is turn me on and charge me. I’ll always be there for you. I’ll never go away until your threw with me.   


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