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You make me feel butterflies

You always make my day better

You may annoy me at times,

but nothing else feels more right

You make me smile and it will never die

You are always the first I think of

My lips have never forgotten yours

I have never forgotten our times together,

our hangouts

I feel safe in your arms

You are warm and sweet,

the most amazing guy in the world.

I wouldn't be able to find anyone like you

I want to let you know all this,

but I'm afraid

I am afraid of getting hurt again

Afraid of losing you as a friend

I don't want to hurt you or myself

Maybe I am not good enough for you

Maybe I will make it worse if I try

But if I don't try then maybe I will miss my chance

My chance for love,

for a relationship

My feelings will never disappear

not unless I do something

Not unless I confess how I feel

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