Computer Generation

I have to tell you about the language of

My generation: prodigies of telecommunication

I’m unable to picture the logic behind learning to talk, to verbalize,

Using lips, tongue, and teeth, because I only use my fingertips to speak

But not many of us can read signs

We fidget our digits on keyboard and screen

The jump between digit and digital is two letters: PC

Man is trying to create himself through technologic means

Saving words and pictures in a location and calling it memory

Relying on notifications rather than memorization

Minimalizing our social life into a social network

We plug our ears and pump repetitious music through, blocking sound

We can now conceal our sight with computer retinal screens

We restrict our own hands with digital vices–I mean mobile devices

Viewing our machine–routine life in third person to repair the glitch–stitch in time

I’m saying we are confining life. Animation.

We are transforming it to something tangible–manageable, mechanical.

We are Computer Generation


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