Complimentary Claim

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 12:25 -- EMH-IFW


Someone wrote on a mirror with lipstick
And then claimed it was me
Failing to realize the utter and total fallacy

I need not prove nothing
For God only judges me
So by the looks of things, you're trying to do his bidding
And in your walk of hypocritical faith: blasphemy

Fear not, for the accusation of feminine stance
Florid in circumstance
Is not a condition I fulfill 
NOR, is it something I subscribe to 
I snicker

By comparing me to a woman
Two things come in folly:
For they have strength to push children from their bodies
And bear pains which men would only know by the removal of an appendix
So if you claim be to be a woman,
Then you've seen how I can handle my issues gracefully
With poise
With style
You've never seen before

So when you declare I wrote on the mirror with
Brightened lipstick
Read this: You damn right, I'm a real man for sure.


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