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I am meant to be a voice, not an echo. But to create echos, I first need to be a voice. Echo the passion, the message, the freedom, to anyone and everyone all around world.
Oh my dear,  Before you were born, two stars held hands, and said, "let's run away." They went to a shady diner on the planet Pluto to devise a plan, when they found a solar gun.
Dear Dumb Diary When I need someone to talk to no one listens, So I write in you. The best parts of my day And the things I can’t say You're always there. Just like little Junie B.
Honey, I'm Home! Did You Have A Good Day? What Did You Eat Today? Did You Make Sure To Wear Your Seatbelt On the Way to Work? Do You Need Anything From The Store?
Hey there did you hear?
Someone wrote on a mirror with lipstickAnd then claimed it was meFailing to realize the utter and total fallacy
THIS ONE IS FOR ME: WE NEED TO GIVE OURSELVES A LITTLE LOVE AT TIMES. Came home from an exhausting day on the job Dogs barking greeting you we step in the hood. everybody knows anybody
Please don’t feel alone, For there are people surrounding you with their love. Please don’t beat yourself down, For you could reach for the stars. Please don’t harm yourself,
It's complex and growing, alive A breathing thing That was suffocated for many years Cut with words Lacerations deep from childhood wounds But growing: through days together, drives for errands
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