coming soon a mockumentary on how to deceive even yourself

she will indeed

-but she has not yet-

be all you need

-for you’ve not met-

in times of crisis

-she wasn’t here-

she’s the nicest

-don’t blame her dear-

she sticks around

-but oh my love-

what’s lost is found!

-you’ve come undone-

she knows you well

-you don’t know her-

she’ll go through hell

-i got here first-

“for you, my heart!”

-i’m in the way-

“we’ll never part!”

-i’m the yesterday-

you two will love

-how i misled-

you will have won

-messed with your head-

what joy will arise

-i avert my eyes-

when you see your prize!

-as i take her guise-

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