Coming Out


Hello family, and greeting friends!
I want to tell you all a secret,
I’m sorry if I offend!
But I love you all too much to hold it in…

I …. am………..

A writer!

I am the next Picasso
Painting my masterpieces with lofty words
Confusing the masses with extended metaphors
Forcing these people to look beneath the surface.

I am a Van Gogh!
Only half-listening to the world
Half-listening because what it says doesn’t matter anymore!
My delirious mind elevating life to the heavens
Offering a more terrific view of a messy bedroom.

I am Beethoven
My music is heard when one reads between the lines
Figure out the rhythm of my mind
Just how fast did my pen sweep across the page;
What sounds did I miss that touch you?

I am Frida Kahlo
No shame of my natural state because I am beautiful 
Showing the world that I have no fear in who I am
My soul shines with every brush stroke on my self-portrait
Self-portraits that are honest and show case the true me…

The call to create is so … enticing.
I am sorry, my beloved,
But the mistress of art is too tempting to resist and
My love affair with words started much earlier than us.

How can I say no to the eyes of my soul?
I am at the beck and call to my muse, fickle as she is
Mysterious as she may be, my muse seduces me.
She could be in the form of a lust-ridden teen or the sensuous full-figure of an angel;
Both forbidden - but heavenly.

I have always wanted to create.
My fingers burn from the thrill of my pen;
My heart throbs because words are so dear;
My soul bleeds through these words;
My words dying to be read have led me to this.

I am an artist.
I create as much as I destroy.
My pen may never lead me to fame,
My words may never be known;
But if I have scribbled it down,
If I have seen my thoughts take form,
I am more than willing to die because I’m out!
Out of the art closet with scraps of unfinished poetry and prose,
But OUT with my title painted on me.

I am a writer.

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My family
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