Come Winter

My plane just touched down

It’s a quarter to five

Greeted by a black continental

Reach over to the passenger side

Formal outgoings like wedding vows

Evening dressings of suit and ties


Drifting through cold air

Which leaves all the leaves scattered

Nothing else to resort to than

Solitary presidential receptions

Veg on the california king

Obscure a bunch unexpressed emotions


Where do we go now

Followed along by all these morals

Just to keep a straight face on

And watch winter turn into summer

It’s all in a pattern

Continuation all year round


Awaking in the dawn hours

Just to be laying down next to you

Last night had a couple drinks and cocktails

Stare in disregard

Astonished by what I can’t even remember

It’s all a blurred picture in mind


I say what’s up, what’s up to the other side of me

Give a hand clap and end with disagreement

Apologetic and embarrassed

When was I brought up to carry a guilty conscience

Exploit the women that give in for favors

Love you for who you are but turn around and despite you


Correlating with phantom figures

Observing unreflecting mirrors

Give me a second to gather my thoughts

Acting in a sequence like playing a part

I turn around and she gives me a hug

Things are moving too fast but she catches my eye


So marvelous you won’t believe yourself

The way she puts her smile on

Gets my heart melting a certain way

It may be the first time

So I hope in despair that I see you again

Even if takes a really long time


I was ignorant lost in oblivion

While having the best girl standing in front of me

Infidelity is all I’ve ever known

Centric faces, please enjoy the prodigious show

Talk to one another

While the lights go down slow


She’s said she’s never heard none of my songs

So I break out of character

Girl you’re crazy

I’m the only reason your ex is remembered

Thought we were going to be good for a while

Until couple nights ago


She started yelling on the phone

Saying I’m packing my things up

I’m going back home

I’ve seen what you’ve done

And these are the results

You can’t blame me for anything

This is all your fault


Adrift in confusion

To blunt to figure it out

She left with a sense

Like it’s moments like these that push people apart

Now she’s on her way

Like it’s a just 15 minute walk


I text her and yet I get no reply

She’s probably in temptation of blocking my calls

Can somebody clarify where did I go wrong

Insecurity is what causes pain and kills you fast

Thinking she’s talking to some other guy


She probably doesn’t even have any other saved numbers

And it causes me to fall under the same track

Messing with girls that are easier to give it up

Cause the girl I loved won’t ever be coming back

All I got left is burnt pictures

Imaginations of how everything would’ve turned out


Empty faces surround the house

Her names still comes out floating throughout the walls

She’s the one that has really put it down

Like no other that’s come along

Numb to the flavor that her voice sparks

Now she’s in her world making up for the time lost


Write her this love letter as I pour her my heart

I know, I know it’s a little too cliche

So I crumble it up

Toss it in the trash

Now I’m back to where it all began

This time with a colder benevolence

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