Come Take Me In

My abilities are beyond thought,

Take me and you’ll see.

If you attempt me,

You will never escape free.

Only try me one time and

I’ll think about letting you go.

But try me twice

Your soul I will own.

When I own you,

You will harm and lie,

You’ll do whatever it takes

To get that high.


The troubles you’ll cause

For the feeling of my charms,

All worth the pleasure

Of the feeling in your arms.

You’ll never be honest to mom

And steal money from dad

When they cry their tears

You should feel sad

But you won’t, you’ll forget

Your morals.

Even how you were raised

Come now I’ll show you my ways.

I’ll be your subconscious.

I steal kids from parents.

I commit people from God.

I bring harsh ends

For many friends.

I’ll steal away your pride.

I’ll never leave you,

I’ll constantly be by your side.


You understand that I love to take

Till you have nothing more to give

When I am done

You will be lucky to live.

I’m giving you a warning if you try

This isn’t a game

Given the chance, ill have

Fun driving you insane.

I’ll ruin your body first

Then play with your mind

I will posses you

Your soul always to be mine.


The dreams I’ll implant

While sleepin in the bed

The whispering noises from

Inside of your head.

The hallucinations you see

There all from me

Now it’s too late, you feel in your heart

That your soul is mine, never to part

Then you will regret you had me

Trust me they all do

Remember you came to me

I never came to you.


You were told this would happen

Many times you were told

You pressured my power

You wanted to be bold

I am your master

You the slave.

I’ll be polite and travel

With you to the grave

Will you take me or not

I can bring more sorrow

Then words can tell

Please take my hand…

Let me lead you to hell.


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