Come Out of the Darkness


I see you

With the razor

And you

With the lighter

I notice your scratches

And I hear your silent cries

While you grip that rope

That gun, like a lifeline

Please stop, it hurts



My heart aches

I cannot control you

I cannot stop you

I cannot heal you



But, I will do all I can to help you

To guide you to a better life

Just hear me

Please hear me



My pleads

My cries

My gasps

My begging

My voice




You're better than this

Start acting like it

Stop doubting yourself



What are you doing to yourself?!

Drop that razor

Put down the lighter

Throw away that vile rope

Toss that ugly gun

Flush those horrible pills


Stop this, right now!

Dry your eyes

Touch the beautiful skin you were about marr

Pick up your textbook

Say goodbye to the darkness

Step into the light



Yes, it's okay to cry

Just stop crying into your pillow

And use my shoulder instead

Just listen to me

You are needed

You are wanted


Take a hold of your future

It's not too late It's never too late

I will show you

Just come with me

I promise I will show you


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