Wet, clear streaks

Like tears

Rain left behind

On the windows

In the hallways


White streaks

On the wall

Calcium deposits

Stained beneath

Decrepit water fountains


Purple streaks

Scuffs smudges

Left behind

From shoes

On walls on tiles


Black streaks

Of shadows

Of green limbs


Through glass


Pink streaks

Of air so bliss

Of blossoms

Their petals

Falling spiraling


Gray streaks

Between shelved books

Dull lifeless ancient

Dusty their old covers

Pressed together


Auburn streaks

Of light

Through blinds

Of windows

Streaming bright


Streaks of colour

In the hallway

On windows

On shelves

Under water fountains

On tiles

In cosy bedrooms

Between blinds

And flaking window pains

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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