Color of My Life


I was alone.
And everything around me was in black and white.
When I found Optimism,
she cleared the sky and splashed it with blue.
When I found Trustworthy,
she sprinkled the sun with yellow and made sure it always shined.
When I found Loyalty,
he sprayed the grass green with just a dash of dew.
When I found Acceptance,
she caused the flowers to spring up just to greet the world.
When I found Determination,
She encouraged the birds, butterflies and all to fly freely.
When I found Support,
he broke the silence in the air with laughter.
When I found Creativity,
she spread happiness all around along with real smiles.
When I found Individuality,
she brought to all, a reason to feel loved.
Everything around me is no longer in black and white.
I am not alone anymore.
They gave me friendship.
They gave me color.
They gave me life.


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