Code Love

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 18:33 -- Sharra

When did she become more than just a breeze?
Everlasting soul that takes my breath away
No one knew about this feeling, not even I.
Driving me out of my mind.
You are a beauty that only I can see.
Wishing you could see the same with me.
End this torture I create for myself.
Never knowing what I should do.
Doomed to forever watch your beauty pass me by.
Yearning for the day I'd catch your eye.
Why does it hurt to love?
Erase my memories so i may not cry.
Numb from the depression,
Drenched in tears,
Yet, I still won't let you go!



I love this


Thank you. I am very glad you do. ^ - ^

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