The code


Do not with your tongue speak,

Those three words that make fools weak.


Love we say, and is that okay?

To give in to something we will obey.


And only the chosen are here this day,

To identify what the deep writers may say.


So darling to understand when i say,

That this poem is a code for you today.


Despite all the pain in the past,

In you I find true beauty at last.


Your words as elegant as pleasant whine,

When you speak, a sound exquisitely divine.

The star to my night,

A prayer to any fright.

The reason why awake,

And get the ideas to make...

A poem for the smart,

That is felt within the heart.


I was blind until you let me see,

Made a poet out of me.

Show me what love really is,

Because it's something that many miss.

Even when they say they love you with a kiss,

Fools tend to abuse this power and dismiss.


So prove me wrong i beg of you,

Show me loves real flame of red,

Show me that love isn't always blue.

Prove to be what Shakespeare had imagined in his head,

The kind of love that can only be read.


So be wise when your tongue speaks,

The three words turning fools weak.


It's a gift given from above,

A gift you've given me called love.



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