They say that


Makes the heart grow fonder

But I was fond enough

When we walked

Alongside one another

And all I wanted to do

Was reach out

And hold you

And the agony

Of not being able to

Burned me

Hotter than the light

Of a thousand suns


I sit here

With nothing on my mind

Except you

Counting down the month

Sending more affection

Than I’ve received

In a lifetime

So much that there

Are times when

It doesn’t feel real


How could this possibly

Be me that you look at

With those eyes


Remind me every morning

And before I go to sleep

That you chose me

And I chose you

Above all others

Because I saw something

That I hadn’t seen

In years

I call it a wavelength

But I’ll be honest

It’s more than a frequency

It’s the essence of


And ours might just be the same


I’m not ready

To see if I’m right

But I have never been ready

And who knows

If I ever will be

The scar that he left

On my heart

Still wraps around my


Like a deadly python

But I’ve been working on my voice

So I can sing it a song

A song of love and forgiveness

In the hope of breaking free


Reach out to my


So it has some leverage

To pull itself out

Of heartache’s mighty grip

As long as you

Don’t let go

I think I can do this

Even with the fear

That he left behind

Even if I panic

Just hold me

I promise I’ll be okay

As long as I’m with you


I’m trusting you

I’m trusting myself

I’m trusting us

And that’s all that I have ever needed.


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