Clear Umbrella


Persistent and cold-

Grays this world

of Concrete and Metal 

that You and I live in.


It starts out small- 

a fine falling mist-

Before it quickly grows

into a Pounding Force;


Filling the streets -

And the gutters -

And the drains- 


It threatens to drown 

the planet in that of gloom


Yet here You and I Stand-

warm bodies pressed  

in a close, near-embrace-

ignoring the Howling winds,

and the Frigid air;


The sound of the pelting rain -

'DuumDun, DuumDun, Duumdun' -

rumbles off this plastic-



It covers our heads-

The tumult of the world only a phantom

that lives distantly in our minds.


Protecting us:

Sheltering us;


Our attention is on the Warmth

that radiates from Within-

The smooth, Chaste mending

of plume, rose-tinted Lips-

Pressed in tender Intimacy;


A moment so Sacred-

so Blissful and Sweet-

that even the torrent precipitation

Cannot Disturb


It is here-

in a time of somber mist-

and leaden rain-


Our love Blossoms-

Hidden under a Clear Umbrella.

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