Cleanliness important since birth 

Ingrained in his head since he was a kid 

Friday morning palms overhead 

Leaves are looking a little long

Traces of dirt find their way to the ground 


He decides to make those leaves a little shorter 

Stop those trails of dirt ftom finding their way 

Why? Cleanliness above all else 


High on a ladder, saw in hand 

Using it to cut the leaves 

Ignoring the protests of those below 

His wife and kids who don't share his values


High above blinded by his beliefs

He doesn't notice his ladder shake beneath him 

Reality comes to late for him

Before he knows it all he sees is black 


In the next moment he hears sirens 

He sees the distraught faces of loved ones 

They begged and pleaded with him 

But he let their comments roll off his back 


The next few hours go by in a blur 

"Does this hurt?" 

"Where are you?"

They are answered without care 


He was raised in the south to see that cleanliness is important 

A messy house means a messy life 

But now as an adult he lets his values consume life 

Because even in this northern land he fears the punishment of a dirty home 


But now he sees that his childhood is past 

He kept his values though they weren't valuable 

Because now he sees life is quick and very dirty  

There is nothing to do but roll in the mud with those who care 

This poem is about: 
My family


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