I grew up in the unfenced yard so I had to be the

homecoming queen

and he the starting quarterback.

Make straight A’s and never sleep,

but don’t have bags under your eyes.

Stay thin at all costs,

but if you sweat it’s better to not.

I wanted to throw the ball and run the race,

but if I did I’d be a boyish disgrace.

Perfect hair for the photograph

otherwise the other girls might laugh.

Rosy cheeks, porcelain skin

the things you do just to fit in.

Be charming and kind

don’t give indication that you have your own mind

Smile and please

God forbid you’d rather leave

Cinched waist and supple chest

his quick glance meant you’d passed the test.

No expectations except for a ring,

they don’t know that those dreams sting

To marry and have a beautiful gown

if not the belle of the ball then the belle of the town

Happy for a time watching the kids

until one day you realize, your life’s on the skids

It’s too late to stop you just spin out of control.

You hadn’t even noticed that your hair had greyed and you had grown old

Someday you’d have it, but someday had passed.

That's when it hits you, that your dreams had been gassed.

They put down the dog that refuses to be tame,

but also the old one who’s lived to go lame.

A life in cage when you’d rather have run free,

but then the old parents would have no pride in me.

You had the picket fence that got you their praise,

yet  think now I’ve wasted so many precious days.

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