i breathe in, out

i let my fingers glide over the keys

and my heart feels again

at peace


i drift off into another world

another world where i am clear

as clear as glass

no more fear


i let the music flow right through me

feeling, hearing, seeing

nothing but music

like a beautiful river streaming


for i am glass

see through, yet bashful

but one fall and i may shatter

so beautiful yet fragile


The music stops

and i am at peace

but then it starts again

another piece


this time i am a flower

blossoming in the warmth of spring

the melody of a nearby river

ting, ting


my heart smiles

and i am glad,

then in an instant

i am mad


the music changes

itself and i 

we become one

and i sigh


the music overtakes me

now everything is gone

and i feel the loneliness creep, my foe

for a small moment

i am selfish, wanting the song


but i have to stop, i know

i detach myself

and feel the coolness of silence

with the bitterness of snow

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