Chris (My Brother)


United States
34° 27' 50.7276" N, 113° 8' 38.9616" W

I looked at you with a frown
had no one to count on except you
I was always being let down
but you always stuck through

Now you're following the path to God
It's all about family together
We're sending you on your way with a nod
and we pray now and forever

We gotta stay strong
Nothing's feeling right
Everything's wrong
The future without you doesn't seem bright

You used to wipe away all of my tears
You were my childhood hero, brother
You would always tell me "have no fears"
I looked up to you like no other

I've got nothing against you
Although I'm a little angry and confused
My words are true
My heart feels abused

Hearts are broken
I'm down on my knees crying
There's words unspoken
Inside and out we're all dying

How could you just leave us?
Did you think you wouldn't be missed?
How you left us was simply unjust
And i'm hurt and depressed

And we pray
We're saying farewell
See you someday
Nana's waiting for you on the stairwell.



well I wrote this poem simply to express my feelings about my brother committing actually helped me a lot.

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