I have bent and I have broken,

I have left the Truth unspoken


I lived the life that I had chose,

I chose to live the life of foes


I ignored the Truth, what was shown and spoken,

A life of ignorance is what I had chosen


I chose what decayed and became only dust,

I followed the liars and ran from Your love


I hurt the upright and bruised the just,

I murdered hearts, “Just because...”


Help me now, forgive what I've done,

Forgive me, for it's You I've wronged


I heard about You, I was told of your blood,

Yet I only saw myself as a god


I lived how I wanted, ignored your commands,

I built my house on the sinking sand


And now as I lay on this cold death-bed,

I watch my life go by in my head


I laughed with the fools and gambled with killers,

I stole with the thieves and schemed with the sinners


I know it was wrong to do what I did,

Please forgive my putrid sin


Your mercy is great, Your love unending,

To forget the sin that I had lived in


Thank You, Lord, for Your abounding grace,

When I breathed my last, I saw His face


His arms were open, wide as they could be,

He forgave the sins of even me!


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