In this life,

We are still JUST children,

Whose voices would never be heard above the cloud because the world doubts itself

It dwells on the past so can’t even dream of a better future

And no one ever told us

No one even tried,

To explain that everything we do matters

Not that everything we do will matter

We may as well been told that everything we have already done is what counts now

Because we still have a long way to go

You can’t tell me I won’t make it okay

You can’t tell me I am all that I will ever amount up to

Then all I am is a child and I will never be ready to grow up

I hate how I am held down by my face like I can’t handle the fight

Then when I expect that I will be held down and rely on it

The bonds are gone

Who is the one who breaks my bonds when I get too heavy for them to carry?

You control me til I admit to being weak

Then while I’m alone you somehow earn back your right to manipulate me




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