Child Like by Natasha Bartley

Child Like by Natasha Bartley


When did I realize I wasn’t a kid anymore, you ask?


I have yet to understand the concept.

Of child.

And adult.

An idea.


A construct used for power and control.

Power and control.


Perhaps there is some sense to the practice.


The child is one filled with  light
A pure heart

An open mind




Children without fear

Are open

And trusting


The child lives forever

The child is within

For all of eternity


The body and the mind develop

The soul and spirit remain the same


I meet my inner child

When I am present

With my soul


My child is of light

My child loves


I sit with her

I learn her

I embrace her

I become her


So to answer your question,

My life has not been a lead up to the moment

Where I enter “adulthood” and say “time to settle down”


My life is the power of a pure heart, filled with light

My life is compassion through an open mind

My life is trusting

My life is forever, for all of eternity, childlike.


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