Child Left Alone


21976 Blazing Trail
United States
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Only two years old and I know death to well

Big Brother did you have to leave me alone...

Daddy's staying out late mama ain't came out that room in three days...

Im just glad I know where the snacks are.

Mama had that little white car dragin the groud fulled with all of everything she owned and all of mine to...

Houston, Texas.

To grandmothers house we go. This way somebody could watch me while mommy crys over CJ

Only at grandmothers house looked like the house of pitty all these damn cousins guess they mama couldn't too...just like me...left alone!


Seven years old the same age as you CJ. Daddy came and got us no more grandmothers house

nope, just daddy mommy and me in a cold ass grage to a house that ain't done being built yet ...left the old house we ran from your death. Im sorry I left you alone.

Daddy's on the road again. Back to grandmothers house... I think mommys pulling it together she got a job, daddy sent some money in the mail.

Mommy left me alone at grandmothers house. I guess she didn't know cousin would touch me when i layed down.. sister my ass. Both of em an unspoken truth until now

I was left alone day in and day out and yall wounder why I act out... cause I couldn't let it out. Thats why!


Wait is God still watching me... a new Big Brother? Devon.. yeah I love Devon... See this cousin was the only one that ment me any good. He kept me safe, he didn't touch me. His mommy was poppin pills she never came home.


Fifthteen and life is great. Devon you are so good to me. The Big Brother I never got to keep. The only person in the world that never left this kid alone. The only kid out that little house on 1111 Thomas Drive that knew how good grandmother was to us. The only kids that loved her.


April... Devon left me, in April! Got-damn what did I do this time? I know you were depress but you held on to God to close and so thight he thought I was unfit to keep you... like them white folks we had to put on a good show for I told God I was good to you, and you needed me and I was keeping you safe and making sure you ate while...

He took my brother again, I left agone again, nobody here again.. I can't keep a boyfriend, so use to being left and being used nobody can love me even when they do. You left right before my brithday. Whata gift.


Im seventeen now. I've been left alone and behind so much it shows in my life. I was to be hugged for a hour. I want to hold hands in the elevator just because I dont want the person Im with to walk away from me. Stay on the phone with me please somebody..until I fall asleep and when I wake up can you still be on the phone.


I just dont wanna be left alone. That little girl CJ left fifthteen years ago is still here she wount leave me alone... Im damn near grown but I gotta little girl following me around asking when can see CJ and Devon again...


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