Cherry Red Revenge

A useless flower on Valentine’s Day

Red to paint her lovers name as tainted as the love he gave

Roses have thorns but men have blades

He grabbed my wrists and cut my veins

My mother asked why I would swallow so much pills

And I choke because he told me not to tell

And I choke because his hand’s in my hair and my knees hurt like hell

And my vocal chords are broken where my innocence dwells

Doves covered in oil and torn wedding dresses but both can be saved

So I tried to die to wake myself up

And ripped my throat out to spit up the cherry red blood

My mother cried and my father blamed me but the doctors said I was brave

I had never been brave before

So I looked the snake dead in the eyes and he couldn’t return the favor

Because I was no longer prey but a savior

When three more lionesses came to the cops

And I told two others if they don’t speak up he won’t stop

Put your hands on me again and I’ll tear them off

My fangs are jagged and my mouth is bloody from the surgery and stitches he forced upon me

So if I look mean it’s because I am and I will scream until everybody hears me

I won’t let it happen again to any other daisy

We are forget-me-nots that don’t bloom in bed sheets

But I’m not talking to them, I’m talking to the men

We don’t exist for an hourglass convenience

We are ruthless and vicious and special and loud

You silenced us before but not now

These ocean eyes can see right through your pretty fake feathers

I can hear the hidden malice in your hyena laugh

I will eclipse you, I will bewitch you

My spells may be quiet and steady

But my voice is deadly


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My community
Our world
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