The Cheetah and I


A cheetah hides in the shadows,

As I hide from my fears.

A cheetah is never afraid, yet I am.

A cheetah attacks its prey with practice ease.

Yet no matter how I try I fail to.

A cheetah can run, while I cannot.

I wish to be more like a cheetah,

Maybe then I wouldn`t be so afraid to face my fears.

I would be able to run at my fears,

Rather than from them,

I would attack my fears with practice ease.

I would be the predator, and my fears the prey,

Rather than I being the prey to my fears,

I run alongside the cheetah now after learning,

I am not afraid anymore.

I am one with the cheetah,

For I am the cheetah,

And the cheetah is me.


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