cheap find for a special someone


United States
40° 34' 5.844" N, 74° 25' 2.5968" W

it's just a necklace
seven dollar find at
Elysium Antiques
a smoothed wooden dolphin
charm, no bigger than
baby fiddler crabs
dangling from a swaying
black piece of string.

i got it for you on a
cosmic impulse
thought it'd look cute
(you like whales and stuff, anyways.)
after that you wore it endlessly,
cursed yourself when you forgot
by the end of the breezy summer
you could still see a pale
shadow of the necklace
against your tanned seasalt skin.
(it really, really looked good on you.)
it's a shame it broke,
leapt from your chest
to the polished white floor
and broke
two sad pieces of uneven
wooden eyes forlornly staring
up at you.
(crazy glue could never truly fix it.)
but after all,
it was just a necklace
seven dollar find at
Elysium Antiques
a cheap dolphin charm
that sits on your cluttered shelf
of a bunch of other junk i gave you,
still silently remembered among the dust.


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