Chasing Your Deepest Desires

She looked out to the flourescent sky

Daydreaming like a small child

Wishing she had the wings of a bird so she could fly

She wanted to be free, she wanted to be wild


Wanting to show everyone what she could truly be

But feelings were holding her back

Everyone she cared for; they wanted her to have the best

But how on earth could she leave her heart-warming nest?


As she stood and watched everyone else go

Tears streamed down her face

Why am I afraid to give my desires a chase?

Or maybe am I just slow?


She felt so digraced 

She felt so misplaced

She felt so replaced

When she saw her friends fly at a steady pace


As she looked behind her, not many remained

She knew she had to fly, she must not be restrained

In her heart began to ignite a ferocious fire

At that moment, she now had flown

Fighting, struggling and reaching for her deepest desires






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