Charge On


It’s mentioned almost every day,

Tossed around in conversation like a boat at sea,

Its true meaning unknown.


Hope can be seen as a bird by one

And a pen by another.

Each person has their own definition,

But in the end, hope refers

To the light at the end of the tunnel,

To a smile during a bad day,

To motivation.


No matter what hardships are faced,

What battles are fought,

Hope is the guide along the treacherous path.


It seems to be

An evasive butterfly flying,

Chased by the human race.

It seems to be

An enigma that refuses to be solved,


But, the astonishing fact about hope

Is that though we know so little,

This tiny word

Continues to lead us

Through the rocky mountains,

Rapid rivers,

And dense forests

Of our lives.

It leads us on adventures,

On quests.


Hope urges us to charge on.


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